What People are Saying About
Caregivers and Personal Assistants


Here is what people are saying about DeGraff, his previous publications, and this handy, comprehensive reference book

“A fantastic resource for people to use in managing their care…”(DeGraff’s book) is a clear, concise manual designed to take the mystery out of self-managed care. Written by someone who clearly understands the process, the book leaves nothing to chance, providing step-by-step advice aimed at simplifying and bullet-proofing the process of hiring and managing personal aides. Caregivers and Personal Assistants… is destined to become the bible for anyone wishing to gain independence through managing their own care.”
Cliff Bridges, Editor, Total Access Magazine, Canadian Paraplegic Association

“I sure wish I had this reference 22 years ago when I broke my neck. It is very detailed and should keep readers from making the early mistakes I made.”
Don Krebs, President, Access to Recreation, Inc., and quadriplegic

Mr. DeGraff provides a valuable in-depth survey on the complexities, intricacies and multi-faceted aspects of the caregiver-care-recipient equation. His treatment of the evolving dynamics of roles, expectations, and outcomes should be of keen interest not only to caregivers, families and recipients, but also to educators, policy makers, administrators, clinicians and other stakeholders involved in the supportive care arena.

Mr. DeGraff’s knowledge is first hand and first rate.
Rick Rader, M.D., Director, Morton J. Kent Habilitation Center, Orange Grove Center, Chattanooga, TN and Editor-In-Chief, Exceptional Parent Magazine

“Accurate…well organized…a comprehensive approach to dealing with care recipient needs and caregiver responsibilities”
Evelyn Rosen-Budd, Resource Editor, National Family Caregivers Association

“Step by step, this book develops the big picture of personal home care. For those involved in providing or arranging for these services for the first time, the task seems insurmountable. And after beginning, you become certain that it’s impossible. It was at this point that I found (DeGraff’s) book. There I found the benefit of decades of point-on experience, confirmation of what I had learned the hard way, and suggestions of where to go from there. How much wear and tear could have been avoided if only I’d found this book sooner!”
Diane Rehner, Family caregiver for over 25 years

“DeGraff’s passion is to revolutionize PA management…a whole set of strategies help family caregivers avoid…overwork, fatigue, and depression. DeGraff was writing on this subject when nobody else was, and the first two editions of this book were ground breaking”
New Mobility Magazine

“The book’s…practical recommendations make the caregiver/help recipient relationship a positive one.”
Anita L. Abrams, CSW, Manager, Case Management Department, Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital

"Al DeGraff is the leading authority on managing home care. His books and advice columns have been followed for decades because his advice is savvy, grounded, "tried-and-true." Back when the medical model was in vogue, DeGraff was there at the leading edge, lecturing and promoting the sage and obvious knowledge that the person with the disability is the authority of his or her own personal care. This new book is a synthesis of intelligent, practical problem solving. It is intended to empower people with disabilities, to keep families intact and wholesome, and to find and create ways for people with disabilities to stay and live fully, at home."

“Like DeGraff's other books, this one is a must for health professionals, for families of youth who are recently disabled, and for aging individuals and their families who are gradually discovering home care needs. This book is about health and empowerment; it is chock full of practical “how to's”—and ultimately, which may be its greatest gift, it is about grace.”
Margaret A. Short, Ph.D., OTR, FAOTA

“A must read. Everything you need—and more. This book...has the potential to be a bible for people who must depend on others to get through the day.”
Richard Holicky, Author, researcher, and paraplegic

“If all families—regardless of whether they have a member with a disability—followed (DeGraff’s) suggestions for assessing family health, they would be a lot healthier! In addition to caregivers, family members, and help recipients, students in health care professions and professionals, themselves, should read this book to see what it’s like ‘on the other side’.”
Anita Bundy, Sc.D., OTR, FAOTA, Professor, Colorado State University

“Excellent resource for finding quality care for loved ones. Chock-full of answers to caregiver concerns. A great survival tool when caring for someone you love.”
Elaine Tillman, Community Resource Specialist, Missouri Division of Developmental Disabilities and Mental Retardation.

“Well organized…I like the state-of-the-family meetings…offers the opportunity to communicate effectively…such a good point—don’t burn out family caregivers on physical ADL needs.”
Tina Tapply, Administrator, New Mercer Commons Assisted Living Center

"I have lived with muscular dystrophy for 40 years. Tom, my cousin, has been my faithful family caregiver for over 20 years. While he has unlimited love for me, we have each recognized there are understandable limits on his time and stamina for helping me. We spend a lot of time together. Learning to give each other space is very important.

“DeGraff's book has provided us with new planning strategies for deciding which of my help needs he might assist, and which to assign to outsiders. We now have more quality time for ourselves and each other! A very valuable, recommended reference.”
Lori Hinderer, (National) Vice-President, Muscular Dystrophy Association

"I haven’t been out of bed in twenty years. I need help daily. For me, personal assistance is key to my living independently in my home. Yet questions abound. Al answers the many questions about who, what, why, where, and how. Especially the how!

“Al’s books are The Guide—The Standard for comparisons.

“They have helped me—and thousands of others. If you have a disability and need help with your activities of daily living, then you need this book. Period.”
Fred Fay, Ph.D.; Chair, Justice for All; Co-founder, Boston Center for Independent Living