Table of Contents for
Caregivers and Personal Assistants

About The Author
Preface: My Injury Wrote This Book for You
Acknowledgments, Statement of Lack of Gender Bias

Why This Reference Is Important to You: Your Freedom and Control
Definitions of Titles and Terms Used in This Reference
Two Types of Assistance Providers: Unpaid and Paid
A Tour of How to Use This Reference
Your Quick Start Guide: Five Topics to Get You Going Today!

Part I - Identifying Your Options for Assistance
1. Beyond Family Caregivers: Options and Settings for Finding Outside Assistance
2. Volunteer Help: Don’t Wear Out Your Friendships
3. Live-In Aides and Other Residence Options
4. Settings Where You Use Help

Part II - Three Ten-Step Plans for Getting the Help You Need
5. Ten Steps to Getting All or Some of Your Help from Family Caregivers
6. Ten Steps to Getting All or Some of Your Help from Agency-Employed Aides
7. Ten Steps to Getting All or Some of Your Help from Personally Employed Aides

Part III - More Topics on Getting the Help You Need
8. Where and How to Advertise for Your Own PAs
9. Initial Training and Ongoing Management of Aides and PAs
10. Recognizing and Resolving Your PA Problems, or Parting Ways

Part IV - Taking Control of Your Help Needs
11. When It Is, and Is Not, Okay to Ask for Help
12. Getting It Done-Your Way!
13. Defining and Describing Your Help Needs
14. Say It, Ask for It, and Act-Assertively!

Part V - Strategies for Being a Good Manager
15. Your Qualities and Strategies as a Good PA Manager
16. Dividing Your Needs, and Assigning Work Shifts, Among Several PAs
17. Setting Up Efficient Work Areas and Maintaining Adequate Supplies
18. Coping with and Reacting to PA Failures

Part VI - The Costs of Your Personally Employed PAs
19. Your Costs of Recruiting, Training, and Keeping PAs Happy
20. Paying Salaries: Cash, Non-cash, or Both
21. Tax Obligations, Deductions, and Publications for PA Employers

Part VII - “I Understand How You Feel”-Concerns Heard from You as a Recipient, Family Caregiver, or Paid Provider
22. A Bill of Rights for You as a Help Recipient, Caregiver, or Paid Provider
23. Your Personal Concerns as a Help Recipient
24. Your Personal Concerns as a Family Caregiver
25. Your Personal Concerns as a Paid Help Provider, plus Ten Reasons Why PAs Quit and Are Fired

Part VIII - Parting Advice for You
26. When You or Your Help Provider Has-or Might Have-AIDS
27. Medical Monitoring Services: Your Push-Button Lifesaver
28. Your Discretion, Privacy, and Confidentiality
29. Your Educational Role and Objectives: Direction, Training, and Education

MiCASSA, Olmstead, and ADAPT-
Your Medicaid Rights to and Funding for PA Services
Selected Resource Bibliography
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